Totally awesome and addictive game for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch—free at iTunes!

Many of you know my son is a video game programmer and has his own company—billy hugs inc—which brings you Headcase Games. I am so proud of him!    

After graduation he hopped into his VW Beetle, drove across the country to Hollywood, and has been making a living bringing you some of the most popular video games! Now he’s launched his own company—no easy feat to spend your nights and weekends programming after you have spent your long workday hours—programming. It has to be a labor of love. Most people agree though, making a living in the video game industry is totally awesome!

Check out his website at:

 My score in jump burger (so far) is 106…let me know if you beat that!

[update: highscore is now 507Im getting better!]

Download it here:

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