Dung Beetles are da bomb….

Imagine a nursery made of poop. For the dung beetle you’ve not only just imagined the perfect place to lay their precious babies, you’ve imagined—lunch. That’s right, dung beetles eat the feces of other animals. It makes you wonder why they were sacred to the ancient Egyptians. Maybe it was their strength. Some dung beetles can pull a hunk of feces more than 1,100 times their body weight. That’s like you pulling a pile of poop that weighs the same as 12 school busses full of kids. Then again why would you do that? Of course the fact that they roll their ball of poop home navigating by the Milky Way is pretty amazing. I can’t navigate my backyard by the Milky Way. Still, it’s an icky bit.

© Jill Rubalcaba 2014